From my research, the peaked roof, even with a dormer, creates too little space in the upper/loft areas of the house. The shed roof also makes for very simple construction, since all of the rafters will be identical, and there won’t be any special cuts to the roofing to ensure it doesn’t leak.

A gooseneck hitch fits into the bed of the truck slightly forward of the rear axle, the weight of the trailer actually helps the truck pivot, turn and brake.

GOAL1) find/buy a truck outfitted with 5th-wheel hitch. looking about extra$1500 on truck.
GOAL2) find/buy a gooseneck(5th wheel) trailer 8foot wide 20′-24′ long (w/ 5′ dove tail) to build the trailer tiny house…

planning space


PULL-out porch IDEA …

maybe its a drawer layer design under frame…
HOUSE sits here

[———————-house frame—–]
[ porch drawer pulls out when parked ]
[——————gooseneck frame—–]


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