Scientists on the order of Dr. Hoenikker are supposed to fill the little gaps. ~ Dr. Breed in Cat’s Cradle : a novel by Kurt Vonnegut
2 crystals can be forming in the same substance





/ pure researchers work on what fascinates themselves…





electrolyte and cluster structure explaination



Scientific knowledge builds on itself, and when someone discovers a fundamental property of nature, it leads to further discoveries and a deepened understanding.



consider the janie dixon effect surrounding polywater or anomalous water. It was a craze that occured when in Scientific American November 1970 Soviet chemist Boris Dejaguin published a warning from an American scientist that research on polywater should procees with extreme caution because it might polymerize the earth’s oceans, destroy all life, and change earth in a Venus like planet. It turned out that the miraculous water was just ordinary water contaminated
by dirty test tubes. You can read all about this remarkable farce in Polywater by Felix Franks.
unless the laws of chemistry have gone awry,
I find in my research
Assembling __________ into reduction for commercialization and just the molecular architecture is a most tantalizing challenge that offers great opportunity for research much needed where any documentation on such is greatly desired.


It is important to realize that science is not the only way of seeking knowledge. You might make observations based on water tests like hardness beakers and attempt to exercise logic and that is fine. However these impressionable results are clearly not science because such demonstrations are directed at developing test table explanations for the observed natural phenomena experienced in your kitchen spigot commonly tapped from city piped water supply. It is important to realize that science is not the only way bourgeois accept knowledge. You might make observations based on water tests like hardness beakers and attempt to exercise logic and that is fine. However these impressionable results are clearly not science because such demonstrations are directed at developing test table explanations for the observed natural phenomena experienced in your kitchen spigot commonly tapped from city piped water supply. Closely examine how the conventional sales presentations of today’s soft water business pitch. As long as nonscientific searches for knowledge make no claims abut how the natural world works, they do not conflict with science. As Dr Schermer asserts in his book The Believing Brain, we infuse agents into unexplained experienced events but atleast scientific discovery is enlightnment which can influence values in reason of reason to apply that to ethical reason.

It is my hope that my reader (you) will find this as a helpful resource for learning why water is such an exciting study. I also hope it contains some surprises that offer even the most knowledgeable reader new insight into the behavior of hydrology. If I am successful, I am confident that I would have helped enrich the lives of families and that advanced new innovations in technologies will be produced to commercial reduction that further health sciences are inspired.


water volume in the blood was higher in the alkali ion water group than in the neutral water group, indicating the effectiveness of alkali ion

Thus intake of alkali ion water before and after exercise can be expected to have a positive effect on recovery from dehydration due to exercise.

ref. M. Ito, K. Fujii Aichi Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Business Administration and Computer Science, Yachigusa, Yakusa-cho Toyota City, Aichi 470-0356, Japan Sport Sci Health Jan, 11 2012


 In October 2005 the U.S. Department of the Interior Research Group awarded the University of South Florida a study grant which found that the impact of the electromagnetic field addition when applied to a conventional reverse osmosis process did not enhance but yet in fact reduce the sorbtion flow across the membrane. Therefore introducing an electromagnetic stimulation at the water source’s pressurized flow demarcation (in effort to propel molecular reaction over any perceived natural energy barrier) did not further purify the drinking water as much as it otherwise would had been if it were not subjected to such external phenomena . An electromagnetic (ELMG) field oriented parallel to the pressure vessel and perpendicular to the direction of water permeation was generated by a solenoid.





affirm ascertain assert
cite claim clarify
communicate concur contribute
convey debate defend
define detail determine
develop differ discover
discuss dispute dissect
document elaborate emphasize
employ engage enhance
establish estimate evaluate
examine explore express
find focus highlight
hold hypothesize identify
illuminate illustrate imply
incorporate infer inquire
invest investigate involve
judge justify limn
observe ponder predict
proclaim proffer promote
provide question realize
recap reconcile refer
reflect regard relate
relay remark report
resolve respond reveal
review sanction seek
show simplify speculate
submit support surmise
survey tangle test
theorize total transpose
underestimate underline underscore
understand undertake undervalue
usurp validate value
verify vex wander

According to Widener University’s description of its Liberal Studies Undergraduate Program the curriculum is defined as “[a] broad range of academic knowledge in the social sciences, humanities and sciences.”

polyatomic ions hae covalent bonds that behave like elements with a



Chemist Dr. Amanda Brindley PHD University of Irvince California consider the importance of valence electrons who ARE THE KEY PLAYERS in atomic REACTIONS

strictly speaking in molecular terms not empirical evaluation. here we first witnesses electrons moving transferring




lest we fall into the trap of talking about abstractions (a la “healthier”), let’s define our terms.
the pH scale is pH = “potential Hydrogen” ion concentration and is the term used universally to express the intensity of the acidity of a solution.
• More precisely, acids are defined as those compounds that release a proton (H+, hydrogen ion) whereas bases are those compounds that accept protons. Thus, pH is the
measurement of hydrogen ion (H+) activity.
• Pure water dissociates to yield equivalent concentrations of hydrogen [H+] and hydroxide [OH-] ions: H2O⇔H+ + OH-
pH tells us whether a solution is acid, alkaline or neutral and relative acidity. It does not tell us how much acid or alkali is present. pH of 7 is “the zone of Life”
Alkalinity is a total measure
of the substances in water
that have “acid-neutralizing”
ability. Alkalinity indicates a
solution’s power to react with
acid and “buffer” its pH —
that is, the power to keep its pH from changing.
So… while pH measures the
of an acid (base),
alkalinity measures the ability to neutralize
acid (base).
Alkalinity should not be confused with pH. pH of a solution is a measure of the concentration of acid,
or H+ ions, in the water. Alkalinity is the measure of the water’s
capacity to neutralize
or H+
ions, thereby keeping the pH at a fairly constant leve
Alkalinity provides a bufferi
ng capacity to aqueous system.
The higher the alkalinity is, t
he higher the buffering capacity
against pH changes.
Hardness is a chemical parameter of water that represents the total
concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. Calcium typically
represents 2/3 of total hardness; Mg typically about 1/3.
…is commonly confused with alkalinity.
The confusion relates to the
term used to report both measures,
Other chemicals in the water
A change in the pH of water can alter the behavior of other chemicals in the water. The altered water
chemistry may affect aquatic plants and animals. For example, ammonia (a form of nitrogen) is harmless to fish in water that is not acidic. But, as pH decreases ammonia becomes toxic. A lower pH will cause heavy metals such as lead to dissolve more easily. Many heavy metals become toxic when dissolved in water.
Negatively charged ions “Anions” neutralize free radicals (positive ions), and promote health in our bodies in ways like:

Recovery from physical exhaustion or fatigue – by increasing oxygen levels in the blood and facilitating more efficient oxygen utilization, negative ions help accelerate recovery from fatigue.

Stabilizing brain function – by promoting abundant oxygen levels in the blood, negative ions help normalize brain function, resulting in relaxation and calmness.

Blood purification – by increasing the levels of calcium and sodium in the blood stream, negative ions help restore a healthy (slightly alkaline) pH balance to the blood.

Increasing metabolism – by stimulating the exchange of electronic substances in cell walls, negative ions help increase metabolism.

Strengthening the immune system – high levels of negative ions promote production of globulin in the blood, resulting in stronger resistance to illness.

Balancing the autonomic nervous system – negative ions can calm and relax taut nerves by balancing the opposing sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.

Promoting better digestion – by counteracting over-arousal of the sympathetic nervous system, negative ions help ease tension in the stomach and intestines, promoting the production of digestive enzymes and enhancing digestion.

Cell rejuvenation – negative ions help revitalize cell metabolism, enhancing the vitality of muscle tissue and strengthening internal organs.

cell rejuv

 The indigestible part of the product will act like the negative side of a magnet that may absorb any positively charged toxins such as excess heavy metals, fungus, bacteria, virus, and other microscopic endotoxins. Beings the product is negative in charge it will not absorb beneficial organisms and nutrients that are within the digestive tract. So this is the ultimate and safe detox for your colon.A healthier colon means there is less risk of dangerous polyps and ulcers that could lead to cancer. Generally, DE acts as a filter for the bowel, reducing or eliminating irregularities, and eliminating toxic compounds from the blood, including heavy metals and pesticides.
Negative ions have not been found to be harmful even in very high concentrations.
the action of ocean waves on a beach creates a large number of negatively-charged ions. Conversely, electrical activity (such as the operation of electrical equipment) is known to project positively-charged ions into the surrounding air.

Studies at Yokohama City University Medical Center examined negative ion effects in vivo. Water-generated negative ions

(WNI) were evaluated with respect to physical properties as well as immunologic activation and anti-tumor activity (inhibition
of carcinogenesis and tumor growth) in mice. Water-generated negative ions had a long life, significantly enhanced the
cytotoxic activity of natural killer cells, significantly decreased the incidence of cancer and inhibited tumor growth. Anti-tumor
effects were attributed to enhancement of natural killer cell activity ::
Yamada R, Yanoma S, Akaike M, Tsuburaya A, Sugimasa Y, Takemiya S, Motohashi H, Rino Y, Takanashi Y, Imada T.

Water-generated negative air ions activate NK cell and inhibit carcinogenesis in mice. Cancer Lett 8;239(2):190-7, 2006.
This conditions can damage our cells by changing the Acid-Alkaline balance in our body. It is also believed that these conditions are the reason for the deterioration of our physical and emotional well-being heaving a role in the aging process and cancer. Our body is electric in nature, and all reactions that happen create both alkaline and acidic situations.

chemist Dr. Heino Nitsche at the University of berkeley california  explains how we Must introduce chemical activation energy to get past predisposed energy barriers in order to advance stoichiometric reactions.

to lower a chemical activation barrier we apply magnetic heat as a catalyst too reduce the chemical activation barrier…

Hydrology has become a surprising preoccupation for me in many ways… From Astronomy 300 classes exploring microbiology for signs in harboring alien life on exoplanets to a deeper understanding of its behavior in meteorology and directly applying those learnings to improve the quality of water we have at home. For me this fascination has been an investment in an elevation in quality of life. This expository writing Ive composed hopes to help demystify for others many of the quandaries I had early on to explain what Ive since learned. At first I was totally skeptical but now since affording myself the time to learn much of the science in this field I am glad to have made such a minimal investment to yield such a transformative enriching change in benefit for the quality of my family’s life. Its not much of a lifestyle change really but these little subtle habits empowered with underestimated knowledge is life changing! Alkaline Water Health Benefits explores the longest life successes of a clustered group in the world stemming from lifestyle factors such as dehydration and mineral deficiencies are both factors that can contribute to obesity and earlier demise. Drinking alkaline water ensures you get the best possible dehydration and easy-to-absorb minerals – in every glass of water you drink! The people of Okinawa Japan regularly live to be 100 – and the water they drink has a pH of 10 – making it alkaline water. Two studies have shown that alkaline water may provide protection against the toxic effects of metals like mercury. If detoxification is what you’re after, the pH of your water could make all the difference. (Rosborg, I, Nihlgard B, and Gerhardsson L) (Guy. A. and Flebas, J) Alkalinity increases your kidney’s ability to discharge fluoride! At a pH of 5.5, your kidney’s discharge 5% of the fluoride in your system. At a pH of 7.6, your kidneys discharge 65% of the fluoride in your bloodstream. Protective lifestyle factors that may play a role here include high calcium intake by Okinawans in both food and their natural drinking water, high vitamin D levels from exposure to sunlight, increased physical activity, especially at older ages, and high intake of dietary flavonoids (estrogenic compounds from plant foods). “We find it impossible to disregard the importance of the mineral composition of drinking water” Dr. Rosborg et al 2003 How strong does the epidemiological, clinical and nutritional evidence need to be before society acts to reduce this public health hazard? Ca:Calcium (atomic no.20) & Mg Magnesium (atomic no.12) Calcium and Magnesium in drinking water? ORP : Oxidation-Reduction Potential Reduction potential (also known as redox potential, oxidation / reduction potential, ORP, pE, ε, or E_{h}) is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced. Reduction potential is measured in volts (V), or millivolts (mV). Each species has its own intrinsic reduction potential; the more positive the potential, the greater the species’ affinity for electrons and tendency to be reduced. ORP is a common measurement for water quality Enter Oxidation-Reduction Potential ORP is a measurement to oxidize contaminants. ORP directly mesures the presence of oxidizing and reducing agents there is a oxidation-reduction reaction Oxidation Science in Drinking Water Treatment Rainsoft water is an important cornerstone of my family’s healthy lifestyle As a scientific academic, by nature I practice a healthy sense of skepticism. You should know concerning the proposed system, I believe it is a well deserved investment that your household takes on from which all will daily reap enrichment from. Herein lies some practical and basic research I can attest to which was not addressed convincingly enough by my presenter but my previous knowledge helped me deuce on the spot this venture was worth while. So we all are aware that organic chemical contamination in “finished” drinking water supplies is rampant. United States Environment Protection Agency Flocculation, sedimentation filtration and disinfections have been applied for decades to ensure microbilological quality and low turbidity. More advanced is organic chemical contamination. This can be done by biological oxidation techniques which pretreat water by use of storage basins which can increase the removal of effifiency of suspended solids. To minimize halogenated organic compounds filter out chlorine to zero residual. Immediate demarcation or riverbank filtration propels later processes of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) Finally increased bioogical oxidation in sand and carbon filters Dr. J.M. Symons, physical-chemical pretreatment for the removal of precursors references. Dr. J.A. Cotruvo, Water Pilot Project Chairman of the USEPA, Dr. Wolfgang Kuhn, Dr. Heinrich Sontheimer,


Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is a broad classification for organic molecules of varied origin and composition within aquatic systems. The “dissolved” fraction of organic carbon is an operational classification. Many researchers use the term “dissolved” for compounds below 0.45 micrometers, but 0.22 micrometers is also common, saving colloidal for higher concentrations.


Closely examine how the conventional sales presentations of today’s soft water business pitch. As long as nonscientific searches for knowledge make no claims abut how the natural world works, they do not conflict with science. The study of soft water is so old that I was able to


Water is the chemical substance of the formula composition H2O or in other words one water molecule possesses 2 hydrogen atoms both each “co-“sharing their single electron which bonds to 1 oxygen atom.

Key Terms :: Your Need to Know Summary:

  • Alkaline ionizers do not create substantial alkalinity of water. Alkaline ionizers are highly dependent upon the source of the water supply for alkalinity. There has to be enough alkaline minerals in the source water supply (e.g., tap water) to create alkalinity of water.
  • Alkaline ionizers do not contribute to acid-alkaline balance in your body (or alkalizing your blood stream). There have to be enough acid-neutralizing minerals to create alkalinity in your body.
  • Alkaline ionizers do not have good filtration. Your drinking water may still contain contaminants that are unsafe to drink.
  • Alkaline ionizers are unnecessarily expensive. Why spend thousands on an inadequate water filter when you can have more success with pure, clean water and baking soda?



magnetic force on white blood cells is opposite to that on deoxygenated red blood cells ref.

A membrane is a selective barrier; it allows some things to pass through but stops others. Such things may be molecules, ions, or other small particles.   The process of osmosis is natural and by way of semipermeable membranes which allowed certain molecules or ions to pass through it by diffusion was first observed in 1748 by Jean-Antoine Nollet One interesting thing I learned in deep study not seeing the forret from the trees is to recognize that water is tasteless! Let alone we accept odorless and colorless in glass serving sized quantities applicable to our study, though it exhibits a very light blue hue due to the it is worth mentioning… in this section… Thales’ most famous philosophical position was his cosmological thesis, which comes down to us through a passage from Aristotle’s Metaphysics.[18] In the work Aristotle unequivocally reported Thales’ hypothesis about the nature of matter – that the originating principle of nature was a single material substance: water when an observed fact disagrees with commonly accepted philosophy .. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), poly chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) and heavy metals like mercury, lead and manganese are among the ubiquitous trace contaminants of marine and freshwater systems. Presence of these contaminants raise concerns as small quantities of the organic chemicals have been shown to be carcinogenic to mammals and can pose a risk to both human health and the aquatic biota. We have proposed a remediation technique based on a magnetically enhanced separation technology as an alternative to existing methods to separate the target contaminants from a sediment matrix or wastewater stream. I am proposing an antioxidate-enriched drinking water technique of my own original design focusing on post treated soft water just before serving. Our results provide convincing evidence that long time MF exposure to immature mice; causes appreciable long term deficit in learning abilities. ref quasi-analytical method for rainsoft 1-800-860-7638

Things to ask Jennifer

“magnetizing water” and “magnetized water.” This does not mean that the water has acquired a magnetic charge, only that the water has been subjected to a strong magnetic field, which has changed certain properties of that water Advances in astrobiology are leading scientific breakthroughs in understanding hydrology sciences; thereby driving innovations in technology currently prevalent in the commercial marketplace.

Establishing Need

Many of us understand our basic need to drink clean, healthy water. But what actually is healthy water, and why do we need it? We are 70% water. All our biological functions including circulation, digestion, absorption, and cleansing depend on water. Water is required for blood, the lymphatic system, and healthy skin and muscles. Doctors, scientists, researchers and natural healers all agree that drinking enough water on a daily basis can help maintain good health and likely help fight disease. Most experts advise drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day to assist in maintaining healthy skin and properly functioning kidneys, bowels, and circulation — all of which are at risk when we approach dehydration. Dehydration Beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol and carbonated drinks do not hydrate the body. They are diuretics and actually dry out the body by depleting cells of water. For example, many people who have experienced a hangover find they are also very thirsty in the morning. Being well-hydrated is important to your physical and mental health. Dehydration makes a person feel tired, cranky, and stiff-jointed. It can also bring on headaches, aches, cramps, and other, more serious physical ailments. Severe dehydration actually causes toxic acidic build-up, causing the body’s organs, at some point, to prematurely fail. Untreated severe dehydration may result in seizures, permanent brain damage, or death. Because water is so vital to our health, the type and quality of water we take into our body is important.     Newton explained water on plants predictive preference studied at the University of Cambridge revealed 16:16 about consequences if we DO treat our filtered water. health economics in A:B testing   Sir Isaac Newton’s interest in botany extended well beyond the fabled apple falling from a tree — he also appears to have understood how water moves from roots to leaves over 200 years before botanists did.


To physicists, water is abnormal while other contracts when it cools , water exapands and disobeys the most common laws of physics. If

about 5 billion years ago the conditions on earth … primordial soup … We learn in astrobiology life began to form from bateria were some of the first organisms that appearred and evolved from inanimate matter. Most likely to be found in water.  just as it is beginning to answer questions of our past, can today’s water tell us something about how we can scientifically apply some of our latest advances in technologies to improve water from current conventional commercial devises ?


Common sense tells us that the more something is diluted, the weaker it becomes.
First let me describe at length the reverse osmosis process.

A cell that is well supplied with water, where water enters the vacuole which swells up, pushing the cytoplasm and membrane against the cell wall to where no more water can be absorbed. This cell is firm and turgid. (pg 14)

The molecules of haemoglobin in the red blood cells pick up oxygen as they pass by the alveoli in the lungs; it is there that haemoglobin molecules and oxygen reversibly combine to make oxyhaemoglobin. (pg67) This is carried in the blood to the cells where it is needed and then the oxygen is released. The oxygen dissolves in the plasmic tissue fluid and then diffuses into cells.
Studying both today’s conventional process methods in tandem to advanced extrasolar biology will expand my overall knowledge of hydrology and bring me even closer to understanding not just about water, but how proper preparation of its consumption can enrich my organic health. — last line of intro


Even though we’ve been aware of an importance of drinking healthy water, there’s still much most common consumers do not understand about it. — bottled wars intro line


(pg157) asserts Enzymes generally work best under certain narrowly defined conditions such as appropriate temperatures, pH and ion concentration. Any departure from optimal conditions adversely affects enzyme activity.

 In all living cells, energy is temporarily packaged within a remarkable chemical compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) : Energy releasing pathways (pg 164) Lets examine just how cells make ATP. ATP is a nucleotide consisting of three main parts: adenine, a nitrogen-containing organic base, ribose, a five-carbon sugar; and three phosphate groups, identifiable as phosphorus atoms surrounded by oxygen atoms.


THE HIGER relative concentration of ATP to ADP every cell maintains, its hydrolysis reaction is even more strongly exergonic (able to release more energy with less sacrifice) and thus also able to drive more taxing (energy consuming) endergomic reactions to which it is coupled. Although every cell maintains high ratio of ATP : ADP (its exerted donated degeneration to produce free energy) a cell cannot store large quantities of ADT. A healthy adult (at rest) uses about 100 pounds of ATP per day ! But the amount in that same body at any one given moment is only 0.035oz ! Each second in every cell an estimated 10 million molecules of ATP are made and an equal number are spent exhausted in transferring energy to what ever chemical reactions need them.



Practicality :: Production & Reduction

reduction into commercial viability







Many o



forensic momenteum

** necessity

* practicality portion

***  desirable consequences




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Reverse osmosis (RO) wasn’t invented at Thayer School of engineering at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Eighteenth-century French physicist Jean Antoine Nollet gets the credit for that. However, two centuries after Nollet’s discovery, RO was still not much more than a laboratory phenomenon until a Thayer student project helped create a new multi-million dollar RO industry. – See more at: