. . . let’s forget about it. I never made a dime on having the site. I used it to show my friends and family what they can [order]. But if it came down to that I can just send my own pics. Not trying to be difficult. Just trying to survive. The expenses for the [business] are several thousand a year and don’t want to spend more on non productive expenses.

To answer this to a customer at discovery is one thing but through the first year of that client’s startup to keep trying to explain to them the economic driving factors which spur on business growth and how your website is a pivotal cornerstone to that is entirely evidently for some another.

To retain the competitive edge and marketing advantage in today’s business environment, you must incorporate internet marketing, web presence, email advertising and other forms of e-commerce-driven marketing and sales campaigns. (I hope I haven’t already lost some of you) What I mean is the internet is a great tool to use if you have some tangible physical service or product to sell (perhaps brick-and-mortar storefront) or have a virtual soft product you can sell on an online business. The internet allows you to promote, advertise, and market your business portfolio of product offerings in the most cost-efficient manner so that you can focus your costs on other areas of your business. What other marketing tool do you already have at your disposal where billions of people have the ability to reach out directly to your business from anywhere in the world, and you have the capability of advertising to all of these potential clients for practically no cost nor even capital investment?

Below I will clearly layout simple steps to maximize harnessing the power of the internet with little or no cost.

Business concepts you MUST have a grasp of:

  • What is ecommerce?
  • The importance of using the internet to advertise your business.
  • Come up with successful marketing campaigns.
  • Develop a website to increase profits built around the understandings from above.
  • How to generate more visitor traffic to your website.
  • What is branding about and why is it so important.
  • Pricing structure optimization and business to efficiently automate your website.
  • How to launch a successful email marketing campaign.
  • Understand affiliate programs and how to leverage them.
  • The importance of business directories and web communities.
  • How to promote your business offline.
  • eBay secrets.

Believe it or not sometimes a static website is enough and only all many businesses need…
A PERFECT example of such a client is http://www.baroqueviolinshop.com who as their violin making has never changed for over 300 years ! But they STILL DID need a website presence online to tell their story and not a line of it has changed in over a decade and yet all of it is completely relevant and timely for today’s customer!