Since 1579 English satirist Stephen Gosson first documented the moral philosophy of men’s action being “vaut la chandelle” or “worth the candle”. . . In 1869 Irish historian William Edward Hartpole Lecky asserts “as civilization advances, the charity of men becomes at once warmer and more expansive, their habitual conduct more gentle and more temperate, and their love of truth more sincere.”Worth The Candle is dedicated to these endeavors I undertake of the greatest in purpose .

” … the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. ” C.G.Jung

StarWars Fandom Stories
© 2017 Original FanFolklore

The Farr Extradition is the first in a series of short original fan stories. This tale is of two little sisters who confront the darkest known evil; propelling them to help form the Rebel Alliance as six galactic canons converge at this one pivitol crash landing.

‘Onderlund © 2015 pending

Madness is Book I of this contemporary gothic~fantasy trilogy and is my most cherished work(s) of art spanning the last decade of my life to complete. This classical romantic series of texts now stand each on their own; each an epic novella for all to enjoy.



This facet of WorthTheCandle is civic engagement
initiatives to which I apply my knowledge and skills
to benefit my fellow citizens and our communities.

MBA Grad Leadership Development

The bar for bold character leadership today extends far beyond having an MBA from a leading university. In addition to being a great manager of people and process, you have to have a general knowledge of technology, an artist’s creativity, an anthropologist’s sense of people’s rhythms and a humanitarian’s care for people.

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