The Wrestler
the music even has its owncut “Dont know what you got ’til its… “

and the frame is all obscured and black pedestal light dark to emphasis the loss and desolate lonliness and dire hopelessness in the wrestler.

the grainy negative used gave it texture and grit

Its exciting it is located local with Randy Ram driving his RAM van with NJ plates and mentions of All things bourgeois in the delaware valley.

Its also symbolic when he goes to look at his wrestler pants as he leaves the hospital. They had to cut them off in the ER so its also a further symbolism he is in shambles; a “shred” of his former glory.

It is intimite how he has the young boy to  and the dancer Cassidy (Marisa Tomei) to confide in about his

Stephanie (Evan Rachel Wood)

He witnesses the slow death of those around him

His zeal for entertainment for the stage

He drives into wilmnigton as a sillouette as the sun sets for his final matchup w/ destiny

for a moment she witnesses his glory and touches immortality just before his fall

he wrestles his last bout gets on the top rope with the crowd roaring his name and leaps as his heart gives out.


Apparent Obervances and General Conclusions

Every time you watch each of Aronofsky’s masterpieces, you will consciously observe some new complex element (that was actually in plain sight challenging your aptitude for visual memory TCpg.31) in mise-en-scéne (TC pg.53) thereby forcing every moviegoer to redefine each of his films.