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Other previous conceptualized postulates to provoke discussions:

…either hold on to existing model or trust the new resulting data and redefine new model…

Black hole

Early Geeks asked HOW and Post-Newton we’ve learned to ask HOW & WHY … can we now also postulate w/ today’s Space-time concepts we now too explore WHERE/WHEN ?


dark matter 27% interacts gravitation-ally¬† and dark energy 68% seems to be pushing the universe apart ….




cosmochemistry : interesting Jupiter trace element research

cosmogony (solar system) & cosmology (universe)

Plasma sails  : fascinating

Project Prometheus Nuclear electronic propulsion

Real Death Star

“worlds” do not define “planet”

Can one assert Plato points to Gravity as the “conscious” of matter?

Madame Curies dared to wonder

Mega Structure Magnetic Launch system

Entangled Photos can perhaps explain Dark matter ?

16CygniA snaking orbit pattern

Can we sense magnetic fields ?

our sense of the Earth’s stability is an illusion due to the shortness of our lives

Dark Energy Survey

If you are sure of your facts, you should defend your position


Dark Energy expansion

event horizon reciprocal

Interfered SpaceTime points causing emitted Dark Energy


3 ideas
1)study conditions conducive to origins and ongoing evolution of life (can perpetuate)
2)look for those conditions on other planets /moons/etc
3)Find Life : cognitive or not

Comparative planetology

According to laboratory studies, the most likely scenario holds that organic molecules, either produced chemically or brought here from space, were found in ocean locations where clay and other minerals were common. Clay helped catalyze the building of RNA strands that became enclosed in lipid pre-cells. Some RNA molecules were able to partially or completely self-replicate, allowing natural selection among them to improve their replication until true life emerged.

By observing Study leads to advances
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