Suiting Up As a Shoretrooper

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Use Montana Gold product colors for my squad leader:

3 cans Sahara Beige
Himalayas Blue
Frost white
Shock Red
Shock Yellow
And Valspar Matte Black paint+primer

The Himalayas Blue is a perfect match to the Ford Nordic Blue, and has been the accepted color. Some members use Montana Everest Blue…but to me it’s way too dark a blue for the suit. Good luck finding a can of Ford Nordic blue for cheaper than $5 as what Montana charges for any and all their colors lol

The Shock Red is also a perfect match to the Toyota Super Red…very hard to distinguish the two colors as they match perfectly. Save the money and get these colors by Montana. I got 5 cans of the Beige, and 1 can of every other color.

I used 3-1/2 to 4 cans of the 5 of the Sahara Beige…I like having extra just in case tho. The other colors barely even touched half the can after applying. One for them is perfect.


Weathering / Distress

the weathering…I used a basic metal file to scratch the paint and make the kit look used…then I took a 1:1:1/2 ratio of acrylic paints. 1 part Black Ivory, 1 part Burnt Umber, and 1/2 part Grey. After mixing those acrylic paints, I added fine aquarium sand you get at the local pet store. Just a few pinches depending on how much paint you have. Took a rag and soaked it in water, wrung it out thoroughly so the rag was just slightly damp. Used those cheap sponge paint brushes and in circular like motions applied the paint. Not too much…but just enough. After about five minutes when the paint starts to dry, use the damp rag and in circular motions you remove the paint. Pressing harder removes more, of course lightly pressing it leaves more “dirt” on the armor. Leave the paint in the crevices to give it that dirty look…best weathering method I’ve used so far.

3D printing

PLA works quite well…FLEX works also quite well cause it’s a bit less rigid…

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