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completed SharePoint Online Essential Training


sharepoint online or 2016is onprem.

sharepoint is now waht was “teamsites”


projects sites under collaboration is the most used template


IE 10+ & edge, android 4.4, iOS8+ & WinPhone 4+


not like word or excel not like a suite its a “platform”… to create websites.

use infopath form to create forms that worl on sharepoint

word powerpoint & excel integrated, can connect to calendar in outlook or common calendar in sharepoint

team calendars in sharepoint, same contacts and tasks


SITE OWNERS : have Full Control permission.

MEMBERS : “Editor” / “Contributor”

VISITORS : read permission

permissions can be set at site level…  but can micro restrict in lists and libraries under a site too

you can restrict even not able to search a target library of a given site let alone read something

video portal is only available online and not offered on prem


how to connect to sharepoint : sharepoint sends invites to contacts to a given sharepoint site.

Team Site Info : forms the core of most things done in Sharepoint

  • Private Website
  • container for your teams work
  • collaboration space for team members
  • includes apps to help our team stay organized
    • lists : list of potential issues
    • document libraries : store documentation
    • timeline
  • Social networking within the team
  • Forms to collect information : new ideas suggestion box
  • Automation for team workflows
  • All secured by permissions…


Left navigation is “Left/Site Navigation // QuickLaunch ” just below the “WAFFLE” App Launcher

at top is “top navigation” used to jump between sites

“App parts” are widgets

Quick Launch is primary top 5-6 App part files are features then theres Site Contents in gear. that will show all apps lists and libraries included on the site. create a admin folder to place site assets.  Site WORKFLOWS / site settings & sharepoint recycle bin


You can also make SUBSITES even subsites within subsites


you can (STAR icon)  FOLLOW a site.

When you make a site a notebook auto is generated


2 catagories of content : Documents & Lists (e.g excel table)

list or library will be shared in a web part and click the title for an expansive view into the document library featuring details including when last modified and by whom


you can customize views …

if you select a file look into the Files tab in the top ribbon… certain functions may be available


Folders are not as useful in sharepoint like maybe in explorer on desktop

think more in metadata…

Considerations on Storage Locations, 2 cloudbase w/ 3rd

  1. Team site Libraries ( if you want version control and who last used)
  2. One Drive for Business IS part of sharepoint (to share but not the team)
  3. even also use a personal one drive and share to the site

Key commands alt+n , u keystrokes

SHARE LINKS to document so we work from same file resource

share entire site w/ someone, share all docs in a library or a specific doc/folder

share is a site level command


Check In / Out… select target file > goto More/\ then check out