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So yoda what is this GMAT Im staring at ?
Remember this is a BUSINESS test.

Analytical Writing

       ::        1 question 30mins to do it
… an analysis of an argument
In the article …. which appears in … argues that ….._____ …. not only _______ but also _______ …. !
Maybe quote something from the reading real quick.
This paper will analyze what ______ purports from my viewpoint of _____________ .
Body paragraph Claim  1 … A ______ < certain perspective > ____ would probably agree with _________ point of view with relation to the financial aspect
Body paragraph Claim  2 A ________ < certain perspective > ____ would probably be upset at how much money is spent on
Body paragraph Claim  3
Body paragraph Assumption 1 A first point of analysis has to do with < statement > exaggerated statistics and in their inflation appear to be unfounded by sound investigation. ________ contends that …. The main argument of this
Body paragraph Assumption 2 … Another issue of necessary analysis is the assertion that ______
Body paragraph Assumption 3
Conclusion :: This brief has analyzed _______ who insists that _____ and believes _____.
However, after analyzing __________ essay, it is reasonable to suggest that ___________ should be looked upon more as a whole. Perhaps instead of just _______ consider it more in terms of society as a whole.
These ruminations offer a potential solution to

Integrated Reasoning 

        ::        12 questions 30mins to do them :: 2 mins each
multi-source reasoning
table analysis
graphics interpretation
two-part analysis


      ::        37 questions 75mins to do them; ONE  & HALF min to answer each!
… problem solving
… data sufficiency


      ::               41 questions 75mins to do them; ONE & HALF min to answer each!
…. Reading Comprehension
… critical Reasoning
… sentence Correction
GMAT Is a Key to Excellent Opportunities
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a common requirement for admission to the well-known Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, for some Master’s degree programs in business-related areas, and to some management job opportunities. GMAT is a standardized computer-adaptive test (CAT) conducted in English, which checks the level of your analytical, quantitative, critical reasoning, and written expression skills. These are crucial skills needed for your successful business and management studies, as well as for your everyday routine as a manager and a business decision maker.
Answer all questions and get off to a good start
•  Guess and estimate when necessary.
•  Try your best on the initial questions.
This is more of a entrance test, once Im presented something how can I apply info and solve something in application…. can I apply all Ive learned to some new challenge. What you know, what you do, how you think
Understanding the GMAT Scoring Algorithm
a test of higher order thinking… higher reasoning
GMAT is trying to do with the questions it feeds you. “Is this person above a 700? Yes.” “Is this person above a 750? No.” Because the test needs to get those “no” answers at the upper limit of your ability, it will continue to feed you harder questions that you will likely answer incorrectly as it tests your upper threshold, and at the lower end it will feed you easier questions to test your minimum ability.
/!\ remember ANSWERS ARE ASSETS TRY pluggin in answers to SOLVE
  • QUANTITATIVE :: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability statistics
  • use symptoms of numbers … even or odd pos or neg rule out answers!
  • Ignore each element each for themselves ; clear your mind for each.
  • The 2 wrong answers :: DONT infer assumptions, dont inject limits,
  • what info that is there in problem statement that Im not using to answer
  • cant assume whats there : play devils advocate : think CRITICAL
  • could be this but what else could it be : be street smart!
3 Mistakes Every GMAT Rookie Makes….And How to Avoid Them
600 – 700 avg target – 800
 Simply by determining your task first, you will save time and build confidence.

Problem Solving
Sentence Correction
Analytical  Writing  Assessment
Data Sufficiency
Critical Reasoning :: MIND THE GAPs
Integrated Reasoning :: MIND THE GAPs
Reading Comprehension




Basic Concepts:
•  Integers and Prime numbers
•  Fractions and Percentages
•  Mark-up and Margin
•  Exponents and Roots
•  Equations and Inequalities
•  Probability, Permutations and Combinations
•  Statistics, Graph and Data Interpretation
•  Coordinate Geometry, Area and Volume of Various Geometrical Objects
•  Others to Be Discussed in Class
Basic Question Types:
•  Solving Equations
•  Profit, Cost and Break-Even Calculations
•  Distance-Rate-Time Problems
•  Divisibility
•  Averages and Weighted Averages
•  Word Problems
•  Data and Graph Interpretation
•  Area and Volume of Geometrical Shapes
•  Mixture Problems

Basic Grammar Rules (let illogical meanings answer things):

Answer A is always the one featured in the “stimulus” or challenge question. REASON your way into correct answers
•  Subject-Verb Agreement
•  Pronoun Reference … it or should it be refers … SCAN for obvious differences check all pronouns
SCAN for obvious differences check all verbs  its vs. their :: let meaning be your guide.
•  Prepositions and Articles
•  Verb Tenses and Voices …
•  Parallelism
•  Idiomatic Usages
•  Others to Be Discussed in Class

Dont get hung up on what feels bad. They try to get you tripped up.
Basic Question Types:
•  Sentence Correction

let logic and decision making be guides

•  Reading Comprehension
•  Critical Reasoning  IR == Integrated Reasoning