It is very hard to find a believable hospital location to shoot. If you try to shoot at a real hospital you will find it is nearly impossible dues to all the red-tape involved not to mention can you imagine trying to enforce QUIET ON SET ? ! Many times productions are forced to build their own knock off sets. That was, until now !

There is no better location in the Delaware Valley to produce authentic hospital and doctor’s office scenes in such a high-quality controlled environment than this featured superior facility. This opportunity is brokered by JAaron Anderson exclusively as the sole film/production location coordinator the operators of the facility has partnered with. It is through his niche vested interests the partnership is even made available at all for external/independent productions. This partnership enabled the ability to maintain a very flexible schedule and availability to on set equipment use to bring your scenes to LIFE like nowhere else can!

Just mins away from picking personnel up from PHL airport and just off of I95, coordination to this location can be prepared by PAs practically in no time for your arrival on this set! Allowing you to concentrate on storyboards and blocking for the day… There even is a hotel in walking distance if necessary.

The going “commercial rate” for workshops and training at this facility publicly begins at $450 up to $2,000 an hour minimum 5 hour day rental for this location. BUT with my negotiated rate as a local preferred film advisory professional and clout as both a Paramount Studios verger and award winning independent Associate Film Producer, I can directly facilitate this location at the very competitive rate of $200 /pr hr. minimum 2 hours in the effort to enable small independent films and help sustain local production jobs!

/\ ABOVE : OB Suite (optional/included access)

/\ ABOVE : 360′ view of Pediatrics Suite (optional/included access)

ICU / TRAUMA Emergency Simulation Room Adjacent to Pediatrics (optional/included access)


/\ ABOVE : 360′ view of Hospital Simulation (optional/included access)

/\ a more standard photographed view of EAST Side of the Hospital Simulation Room


/\ ABOVE : 360′ view of Reception Corridor (optional/included access)

Additionally this beautiful stairwell frame walks right off stage-right from the central premiere reception hallway!
(optional/included access)

HOLDING (30 capacity) :

(optional/included access)

Parking is only a “dolly stroll” away from the physical location and all location is ramp accessible and elevator to rooms is on prem accompanying the featured stairwell above that doubles as an additional set walking right on into the reception hallway.

  • Includes 4 FREE (compact sized) parking spots under patrol, surveillance in the facility’s private lot. * more spaces can be attempted to reserve per scheduling and budget.

Production Criteria:

  • Capacity is no more than 30 individuals in holding at any time.
  • Capacity is no more than 15 individuals in any scene/room at any time.
  • Respectfully, not one person is allowed in any room without a facility representative.

Business Requirements:

  • There is to be only ONE production contact that is deemed the ultimate authoritative person of contact for your party. This person is the sole individual allowed to discuss ANYTHING with facility representative(s).
  • For security: A Day of show arrival sheet is required which should list all individuals on premises and be delivered at the beginning of the rental time.
  • For parking: it is necessary to list license plates and car make/model in order for patrol notification
  • For well being: An emergency contact shall accompany each person also featured any allergy one might have on the day of show list.
  • For well being: Any allergies should be made know to facilitators a week in advance for discussion and review with the production point of contact.


  • The day of show information is required no less than 3 business days in advance.
  • Upon reservation of requested production dates and HOLDs made by facilitators and confirmed to your Production company you are grace honored 24 hours with first right of refusal to provide advance payment < in full > for securing the location BOOKING for the agreed upon dates and times by the terms ONLY herein.
  • You may pay by Check ONLY to a name given to you at such time.
  • 10 business day advance notice must be given to BOOK a shoot reservation.

Production Terms of Facility Usage:

  • NOTE: A restroom is available and accessible for quick changes but not loitering; any individual not “in HOLDING” or not “ON SET” longer than 15 mins will respectfully be escorted to holding or required to be asked to leave premises. (This includes back and forth trips to parking; all efforts for one round-trip should be made.)
  • All space rental agreements work under the agreed assumption that your Production has its own liability insurance.
  • The location reserves the exclusive right to have make known or redact any/all credit mention of the filmed location. It is usually the desire of the facility owners to require a credit roll mention, so its best to plan on such post-production and marketing copy-deck requirement.
  • The facility and its representatives are at no fault / zero tolerance claim in respect to any loss or damaged hardware, software or other for your production party in any capacity .
  • It is to be understood and agreed by all members of your production party that all are guests under your control and if facility representatives ask or give instruction, it is agreed by your party — as a whole, now — that each individual will respect and immediately heed such request(s); (INCLUDING if tape is ROLLING).
  • If a facility representative asks an individual to leave premises, that person must do so immediately and completely be off of the entire property / compound within 10 minutes and not to return else jeopardize the entire production shoot at the loss of remaining BOOK dates and times.
  • Facility representatives reserve the option to PLACE an IMMEDIATE INJUNCTION on any production for ANY Reason the facility observes as reasonable causation to CANCEL the BOOKED LOCATION RENTAL.
  • There are no refunds. There are No cancellations, nor there are no partial recompense demands of any sort to be made without the expressed intent BY the facilitating party to hear them of any production grievance. All grievance MUST be from the hand of the originating sole ONE production contact for valid consideration in this process. Such notice will be done in written form by the facilitator to the production point of contact within 15 days after the end of the original production reservation date(s) on HOLD.