1) is any part of the system(s) treating with electromagnetic exposure/subjection?

2) are there magnets in any of the system ?

3) Ed said when he sold it to me that cryptosporidium are caught in the filter correct?

4) if so then it should also Id expect to aid in the demise of these water-borne infections that are pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. protozoa like , bacteria,Nematoda,copepoda,blood flukes by just skin contact with the water like Schistosoma and Microsporidiosis fungi agents including Brachiola,Encephalitozoon,Enterocytozoon,Microsporidium, Nosema , Pleistophora ,Trachipleistophora & Vittaforma) most commonly transmitted in contaminated fresh water

5) Did you test for alkaline minerals? what are its levels ?

6) cant I get a report of the tests post-installation?

7) can I work to get a yearly test scheduled?

8) Doesnt the RainSoft system (if so which part) replenishes alkaline minerals in drinking high pH (potential hydrogen) water stream?

9)In consideration of Mineral Contaminants – The Alkaline ionizer has to re-mineralize the water with filters; I understand both guys have stated that Ed & Bill.

10) I’m constructively skeptical of the re-mineralizing filter process. so bare with me Is the Re-mineralizing system using natural minerals?

11)Can more detail be provided about the care in growing these natural minerals? because it makes sense to me that since those natural minerals would be from from the earth, how do we not know the contaminants in them being re-released into the water, creating a entirely new complication.

12)Are you testing the akalinity of the water?… e.g. 1 liter = 1,800 milligrams per liter of acid-neutralizing alkalinity ?

13)Is one of the items we can get from the point system a mineral nutrient replenishes for the water system?

14)Is the system testing / treating for sulfur, please report messurments readings down to 1.0000685 etc.

15) are the EC4 tanks “BPA free” or like comprised Polypropylene PP pipes ?

16) Please tell me about the $50,000 giveaway contest public on the atlantic water services website. I enetered and want to know details… If I learn as much as I can on all these and more items, this will empower me to evangelize our system I believe in even more then.. thx so much

17) oop another dont I wanna go with block salt never solar salt to avoid any caking in the storage container?

18) can you tell me for the post-install test if there was iron in the water? Where/how do I get this water conditioner cleaner when adding salt ?

19) Is there an iron filter as part of my install preceding the conditioner system that Bill performed (I dont think there is) ? I was under the impression that the 8k system “protected” from iron as well…

20) Testing strips for hardness, barium and radium can I go ahead and pose request for them here ? when do you have plans for testing

21) any diection on testing for iron, maganese, or hydrogen sulfied and I would like to know either is the iron removal system included in my current system or then why it was NOT suggested to be included…