Working through The Development of Ethical Leaders Program at The Oskin Leadership Institute provided me the means to journal the following discoveries.

I hope what you read triggers something for you in your own life that can inspire you to become a better you!

I am not the person I was before this leadership program, just as I am only me now and am also still not the leader I know I will be in five years thanks to the tools Ive harnessed from learning about myself through this workshop series.

All these three are each “different people” yet my consistent leadership character enables me to visualize and write about all three. I look forward to our exciting discussions and the opportunities to serve along side you in the future!

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Immunity to Change

a social economic disparity I had identified on my own this fall is now more clarified in the distinction between the socialized mind and the self-authoring and transformative advances in my mind.

Unconsciously Immune > Consciously Immune > Consciously released > Unconsciously released

Unconsciouly released is when you no longer need to stop think and plan in order to interrupt your biggest assumption, you have developed the capacity to be “unconsciously released” from “it (ajiva)” and your atman is elevated as it has a zen of its own a clear experienced phenomena that is a product of rai·son d’ê·tre .

The US has shifted away from a manufacturing society to an information society. We have witnessed the transition from physical labor to mind work being the dominant employee activity.

this new work has new demands of psychological resources; greater capacity for innovation, self-management, personal responsibility, and self-direction

i have a lot of passion for my work, and my team and I think it is important to note that this is a really positive quality… it also brings a sense of fun and motivation to the department and I’ve seen it positively impacts those surrounding me academically also beyond our team…

However in critical hard self examination I have realized while others may appreciate it when I take on the work of others, by doing so, I do not help myself in my own balance or in the development of others in that niche skill set that I lead in. Pg 148 of this book

Rather than feeling free to apply her capacities for self personal direction and invention wherever she might, it is now clear she had been using these talents to ward off being vulnerable again to the devastating verdicts of others – that is to keep from sliding back to a socialized mind…

her ear thinking how she thought about issues and framed complexities and thus identified opportunities… I have a base of scientific knowledge which most people do not have nor the capacity to apply let alone remember…



Commitment to Improvement Actions
Doing / Instead
Hidden competing commitments
(worry box:)
Big Assumptions
I want to improve; effort is evidenced I read and study my butt off lack of committed financial investment and the professional work-stress of constant inventing unknowns taxes my anxiety to attain any deep enriched studying I wish I could get wife and baby on a more commonly accepted sleep regiment to goto bed at 7-9pm so I could have time to truly study not be putting them to bed at 12 to try to sneak some study in before I pass out from fatigue
Balancing creative things I want
w/ those I must do to maintain how to keep the quality of life I know
I make personal to-do dream lists by documenting them as actual projects I worry I will not get to producing my dreams; I wont feel a sense of accomplishment until then I fear Ill never get to focusing on anything I want to accomplish
Complete education to get respect in order as required to teach I do only what it takes to pass because I feel its all really a waste of time. I knock out the busy work in classes to push for the exam to pass on core concepts of diciplines I will loose the opportunity before I complete the degrees and certifications
Staying Focused I allow my attention to wander I embrace my ADHD of sorts to suppress frustrations because Im in the thralls of doing it all even if its just a little unfocused. I can do everything awesome
Find zen I listen to my daughter; nothing else matters except empowering her guidance pride:
I am proud of my wife and daughter
I know Aaralyn will ” make it ” self-author out of a sub-standard living
Not get frustrated when I judge otherwise Finish listening before even thinking about understanding what they are saying I worry I will never be happy I should at least be heard why I disagree…
Master technologies not just know how to do them … I document everything I can I worry Im not good enough at my job fixation; I may loose my job one day
Control Mouth & temper I do/service errands at home for wife I loathe even being involved with because I feel it wastes my time for MY purpose of being I am very frustrated that I have to take so much on that seems cannot be solved by others. I MUST lead in the sense to usher in resolution if not innovation I feel a sense of respect for what I want is completely lost in whats needed to do and accomplish especially in investing in them at all…