Strategic Page Construct built from the above available widgets is as follows:

    1. Useful as a header or promotional Message
    2. Welcome visitors to your site
    3. Display logo links of your partners or sponsors (maybe offer a sample to different local places to display as seen at logo)
      e.g. as worn by nurses in UCLA Medical Center (logo) and MVP Pediatric & Urgent Care (logo) etc.
    4. Lindie Sayman (link to Bio )
    5. The Story | Shop | New Arrivals | Collections
    6. “Meat” components of your site go here:
      1. Promote a Group of Products to Sell online…
        Female | Male | Promo Package “Medi-Sets”
    7. Handcrafted in Los Angeles

Payments : Square / Stripe / Paypal or offline payment info

Products : @~15mins per item: 4 lines of up to 12 items max … est . 4 hours per line…

  • Uniform planned retail-line categories ( direct order 2 drop-ship ) :
    • Male Medical Professional Uniforms
      • Male Doctors Look
        • 1-3 sentences describing each w/ features of details
      • Nurses Look
        • 1-3 sentences describing each w/ features of details
    • Female Medical Professional Uniforms
      • Doctors Look
        • 1-3 sentences describing each w/ features of details
      • Nurses Look
        • 1-3 sentences describing each w/ features of details
    • Lindie will give me the top high resolution images

the content required for each line item :

  • will need 1 image minimum
  • 200 word description
    •  in-seam
  • how many items in inventory of this product ?,
  • are there options to choose of this product ?,
  • can we allow back order (Y/N) ? we will the little write-up
  • can we allow any Options/Add-On ? i.e. pockets / or standard
  • Product Name 65 chars
  • Retail Price?
  • Online Featured Price? “sale Price”


    • Length
    • width
    • height
    • standard sizes S , M L & XL
    • we willl want to ask each catalog vendor for a electronic copy of international sizing chart as a PDF
  • tax category “standard ” or non-taxable ? rate for California ?
  • Show this as a visible product in the store (e.g. none of lindshh will be displayed)
  • Real SKU # ? registered with GSI registration ?…
  • which category? more than one featured category ?

Shipping details for each item:

    • packaging/shipping
    • can the vendor do the business label ?
    • Do we calculate for shipping costs? or is this item ship for free?
    • plan a specific pro-rated shipping fee for this item ?
  • strategize a direct Product Link for communications and
  • denote which are special products and which are staples of the line

Shipping :

  • in person pickup – no such thing…
  • Standard Shipping 3-7 Business Days
  • $5.99 with Free Shipping over $100.00 ttl order

Storefront :

  • Do you like existing Theme
  • what about font / colors ? .. Uniforms  white / respectable to profession : use of color.
  • Custom Promotional Banner Line – any link?
  • Any Store wide coupon ?
    • Free Shipping over $100.00 ttl order
  • Do we want to work on selling on ebay ? or amazon (preferred)

Philosophical  :

Later for Couture Line Lindsshh :

1. gotta make production patterns for standard sizes…

2. gotta find a cut-to-sew small manf service near ya

3. once you champion a producer of your small order (say 200) then find as local as possible places to get your bulk fabrics from near them…

4. then drive the target areas and find couture boutiques that are surrounded by other women markets so passerbys say from restaurants will also pop-in to see your works… make sense ?

  1. also find out where hot boutiques are and negotiate maybe being carried by them ..
  2. work local to ensure you have good production patterns and see upon success of sample sets the local manf can drop ship to botiques in high traffic markets .. miami, la etc. maybe you have a local friend in la to have consignment ?
  3. truth be told hunting for too many boutiques is time consuming and wasteful … cause we both know brick-and-mortar retail is a dying business .. maybe some mash up of your salon/style could feature fashion ? like the front of cracker barrell to sit down food … but of your line… maybe that will work at your salon… but need to get on amazon and boost your site… I think