Thinking of Antietam, as Billy Corgan sings ” Someone has to RISE ” ! This melody echoes in the mind of our Film’s innovative originating author, JAaron Anderson. It is TIME for this story to be heard. Sonicism and established experience aside, below is how the calling to create this Film / idea turned into TV series came about . . .  Read WHY he wants to make this TV Series?


When did I get the idea for this Film?
While serving my local community civic engagement Day Of Service on Martin Luther King Day, I was inspired by the 70th honorarium service held commemorating the Crozer Theological Seminary on Widener Campus, (my Alma Mater), where Dr King got his start and founded his ministry. In reflection on myself, I found a calling for this story coupled with my previous story archiving for the Permian Basin Veterans Memorial and The United States Marine Heritage Foundation. I wanted to uncover untold never before stories of soldiers and be a catalyst for them making it to the silver screen. Growing up my father, Floyd Anderson showed me a love for baseball with his favorite player being Roberto Clemente. I stumbled onto Jackie Robinson enlisting in the Army and it was there I discovered his personal battles in the face of the great war and the 92nd Buffalo Soldiers and its Medal of Honor Heroes. Their tales have compelled me to publish these great stories of perseverance and inspiration to future generations and capture an untold part of American Heritage in a new positive light.

Are there any films or TV shows similar to my idea? What sets my film apart?
No World War II battlefield episodic captures the character storylines like I intend to portray while interweaving the Holocaust thread and a twist of supernatural to tell the story of this solder’s ultimate sacrifice never before brought to the silver screen.

Our lead character/characters and their arc.
My Lead Protagonist is based on a real soldier portraying his encounter to defy the fates for God his people and his country. He is accompanied by three other volunteers that personally choose to stay behind and remain on the front lines and the over arc focuses on the personal socio-cultural battles that define a great portion of what was supposed to be the war to end all wars.

Why do I want to tell this story? What is my personal connection to it?
The soldier’s tale has compelled me to publish these great stories of personal perseverance and inspiration to future generations and capture an untold part of American Heritage in a new positive light. Several of my undergrad papers dabbled with many of the topic I hope to confront and have prepared me to represent in slivers of the film as overtones subtly challenging conventional thought including holocaust denial, racial discrimination and I am fascinated with this ‘greatest generation’.

About JAaron:

JAaron is an accomplished screenwriter and award winning producer of published untold stories for education and awareness such as the recent PBS documentary History of Film Making and Rachel’s Challenge 2005 Tribecca iFilm winner out of over 11,000 entries worldwide.