May our children grow up in a world without division based on color, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or economics ( which urban section and side of the tracks or bridge we grow up on ); a dream where aspirations become shared realities.

This is my ongoing ideas behind cultivating an incubation career center/ service bureau seed venture for local promising minds of men and women in Chester and its economic rural area to changes business minds and change local professional lives and our children!

So as Mr. Dixon presented this afternoon Chester has a population of 34,239. As others contributing to the dialogue focused on elderly and the children, I hoped to seize the minds of those age 15¬† – 45 … I think we can do that with futures and careers in technology. I bet larger surrounding cities would fear is Chester had a programming work force as innovative as say Philadelphia whose wage is $50/pr hour in the BIG city hell Id take $40 / pr hour of that to do the same work heck even $20/pr hour… in fact I bet I could cultivate a team just glad to be employed on such an exciting career path ! This spurs on Chester’s economy to bring in new dollar$ to compete for the work and do it right here in Chester! I wonder what abandoned buildings exist with nice river views that just need internet connection!

Stay tuned Ill continue my vision more soon…

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